Some commercial signs are old, very old, some belonging to still active shops other to shops that have closed or changed activities. Tracking them may be hard since they are usually hidden by new signs and decoration but that’s why they survived in the first place.


Some advertisement signs are stealth survivors.


Honorable mention to this one obviously an old  “Parfumerie Française, Cravates, Parapluies” that was unveiled during renovations and just got time to capture it before being entombed for  maybe another hundred year.



This plaque “Compagnie Française du Phenix” is a sign attesting that the house is insured by this insurance company. the only one i stumbled upon until now.

Ok this one maybe not that old BUT in his defense it’s quiet well hidden and remembering the history of an old building that used to be the British Diplomatic presence.


“Phillip Cordaro” written in arabic, Tailor shop still in activity.


a Notary office.


Public showers (still in activity) .

Sometimes the shop does not exist anymore but the signs stays there completely rusting and forgotten.

  • the old FIAT offices (written in arabic).


  • “Ali Mhenni offices”  (famous Tunisian businessman) .


  • Petit Printemps (clothes shop still in activity).


for the last ones, i couldn’t not mention the Medina and more specifically the “Chaouachine souk” (the chachia makers souk), where most of the shops are more than a century old, nearly untouched and real time capsules from another era.

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