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StreetArt in Jbal Jeloud

to commemorate the assasination of the famous tunisian leftist leader Chokri Belaid, an art association took the initiative to invite many tunisian and foreign street artists to decorate the walls and buildings of Jebal Jeloud. Jebal Jeloud is a popular […]

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Inside the Russian Orthodox Church of Tunis.

The Russian Orthodox church in Tunis also called ‘Church of the Resurrection’  was built by the Russian community of Tunis in October 1953 by Russian architect Michel Kozmin. (ref wikipedia)   The building is a copy of the Church of the Intercession on the […]

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Celebrations of the Mawlid

To celebrate the Mawled ( Birth of the Prophet) some zewya organize a Kharja, mystical singing, lot of encens and celebrations in the streets of the medina. Many Tunisians join to celebrate this holy event. Share This:

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