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Auberge Zitouna / The Danish Guest House

back in the 18th century, the area of the Medina around Bab Bhar was known as the diplomatic zone, where all the european consulate were located. The Danish consulate was located few meters from the entrance of the souks and […]

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The 19th centuary Holland’s consulate in the Medina

in the late 19th/ early 20th century many european consulates were located inside the medina of Tunis.Most of them, in Zarkoun Street and it’s surroundings, since it was the diplomatic zone at that ime. Couldn’t find reliable informations about what […]

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The Serbian War Cemetary in Menzel Bouguiba

First thought: why would be a Serbian world war one cemetary lost in a wood near the small town of Menzel Bourguiba (60km north of Tunis)? Long and complicated story short: a regiment of serbian soldiers fled a battle they […]

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