Lost in Tunis

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The Serbian War Cemetary in Menzel Bouguiba

First thought: why would be a Serbian world war one cemetary lost in a wood near the small town of Menzel Bourguiba (60km north of Tunis)? Long and complicated story short: a regiment of serbian soldiers fled a battle they […]

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The wreck Tanks in the middle of nowhere

In the middle of nowhere, completely off roads, somewhere between Zaghouan and Bouficha, there 4 or 5 destroyed wrecks of army tanks lying. Such scenery from above the hill, pushes inevitably into imagining a fierce Tank battle that happened in […]

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The abandoned Saint-Felix Church of Schuiggui

The Saint-Felix Church of Schuiggui is a small Chapel in the village of Chouigui ( governorate of Manouba) that was built cira 1898. in 1942 during the WWII, a fierce battle happened between the Allies and the Axis armies in […]

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Abandoned Anti-aircraft small Base in Rades

There is an abandoned anti aircraft small military base right in the forest of Rades(a small city 20-ish minute drive south of Tunis). Urban Legend say that this small base was used by the German’s army during WWII. Check also […]

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