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The Serbian War Cemetary in Menzel Bouguiba

First thought: why would be a Serbian world war one cemetary lost in a wood near the small town of Menzel Bourguiba (60km north of Tunis)? Long and complicated story short: a regiment of serbian soldiers fled a battle they […]

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German War Cemetery in Bordj-Cedria

The only German war cemetery in Tunisia is located near the town of Borj Cedria, about twenty kilometers from Tunis. There lies the graves of 8,562 German soldiers who fell during the Second World War, during the Tunisian campaign (November […]

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Tourbet Sidi Boukhrissane

Tourbet Sidi Bou Khrissane is a mausoleum in the old Medina of Tunis located near Bab Menara. There lies some tombs of the Khourassanid (also called Banu Khourassan) Dynasty. They reigned over Tunis between 1059 and 1135. Currently closed, this […]

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The cemetery of Borgel

The Jewish cemetery of Borgel takes its name from a famous Rabbi who was the first to be buried there in 1898 (according to the epitaph). Several famous personalities are buried there, such as Habiba msika a famous Tunisian singer, […]

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The abandoned Christian Cemetery in Megrine

Megrine is suburb south of Tunis, it used to be a french neighborhood during the colonisation era. since there were no more europeans living there for more than 70 years, the small cemetery in fir forest stayed abandoned for long decades.   […]

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