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Tourbet Ali Bacha

Built originally as the Mausoleum of Ali Bacha , a former bloody ottoman governor of Tunis. His remains have been transferred to Tourbet el Bey and the building is used as a HQ for the association of the old students of […]

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Ruins of the Medina

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Small shops of the medina

Some smalls shops of the medina of Tunis are timecapsules from another time and another era. The owers have often inherited the shop and the activity from their ancestors who did it for generations. Share This:

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Faces of The Medina – Part 1 –

People i encounter so often while roaming in the medina that sometimes they’re become  no more strangers anymore. Share This:

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Zawiya Sidi Belhassen Chedly

Sidi Belhassen Chedly is one of the most known and iconic soufi Saints of Tunis. His Zewya was at first his monastery where is meditates in one of the highest hill of Tunis. After his death  the Zewya became his […]

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The Abandoned church in the Medina

Couldn’t find much informations about the history of this small, discrete arabesque style, church deep in the old medina of Tunis. Like many other churches here, it has been transformed into a cultural space with a theatre scene. Even with this […]

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