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The Happy smiling streetart Tags by #JayedeTunis

  While driving around Tunis’s ring roads, you may notice some big and joyful character tagged on some walls or bridges. Usually the Character, who’s name is “Balbalz” according to his creator, doesn’t speak directly but his t-shirts does tell a […]

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An old colonial style appartement turned into a StreetArt gallery.

Usually tags and Street Art are on the walls in the streets and public locations right ? Not this time, this Tunisian artist has transformed his old colonial style appartement located in Tunis downtown, into a street art gallery with tags all […]

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Rue Lenine – The Street Art Open Air Gallery in Tunis Downtown

Rue Lenine is a street in downtown Tunis that became a real Street Art open air gallery. First it began with the Whatever Saloon then the Tag store café , 2 coffee shops that soon became the HQ for many underground […]

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“Streetman” the Mysterious Tunisian Tagger

Early 2016, a mysterious character, shaped like the traditional Tunisian wrought iron,  was tagged in various walls around Tunis, asking simple questions. The places and the questions often weren’t that innocent nor fortuitous. Some are politically engaged or related to […]

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Tags in the right place

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Wrecked house of Imed Trabelsi

Soon after the Tunisian revolution of 14th January 2011, many angry demonstrator broke into the house of Imed Trabelsi, nephew of the Dictator Ben Ali, and wrecked everything. few days later some streetart artists invaded the abandoned house and made […]

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