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Inside the bell’s tower of the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul of Tunis

The Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul is definitely one of the most iconic monuments of Tunis. Located in the main Habib Bourguiba Avenue, its construction began in 1893 and the church was opened at Christmas 1897  ( more )   […]

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La Grande Synagogue de Tunis

The Synagogue of Tunis, completed in 1937, by the architect Victor Valensi. It is an architecturally interesting place with many colors and geometric shapes. Some historical anecdotes: – It was looted by the Axis forces when they came in 1942-43 […]

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The cemetery of Borgel

The Jewish cemetery of Borgel takes its name from a famous Rabbi who was the first to be buried there in 1898 (according to the epitaph). Several famous personalities are buried there, such as Habiba msika a famous Tunisian singer, […]

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The abandoned Christian Cemetery in Megrine

Megrine is suburb south of Tunis, it used to be a french neighborhood during the colonisation era. since there were no more europeans living there for more than 70 years, the small cemetery in fir forest stayed abandoned for long decades.   […]

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The pigeons of Zaytouna Mosque

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Inside the Russian Orthodox Church of Tunis.

The Russian Orthodox church in Tunis also called ‘Church of the Resurrection’  was built by the Russian community of Tunis in October 1953 by Russian architect Michel Kozmin. (ref wikipedia)   The building is a copy of the Church of the Intercession on the […]

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