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Rue Lenine – The Street Art Open Air Gallery in Tunis Downtown

Rue Lenine is a street in downtown Tunis that became a real Street Art open air gallery. First it began with the Whatever Saloon then the Tag store café , 2 coffee shops that soon became the HQ for many underground […]

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Abandoned Asylum in Tunis

This place used to be an Asylum in downtown Tunis  then was abandoned for obviously long years. Walking in the corridors feels like being in some horror movie Silent Hill style.   Share This:

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Tunis from the rooftops of the Medina

From the rooftops of the Medina, you can have an interesting view of both the medieval and the modern Tunis. Share This:

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Tourbet Ali Bacha

Built originally as the Mausoleum of Ali Bacha , a former bloody ottoman governor of Tunis. His remains have been transferred to Tourbet el Bey and the building is used as a HQ for the association of the old students of […]

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Ruins of the Medina

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