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Inside the bell’s tower of the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul of Tunis

The Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul is definitely one of the most iconic monuments of Tunis. Located in the main Habib Bourguiba Avenue, its construction began in 1893 and the church was opened at Christmas 1897  ( more )   […]

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The Abandoned Berber Village of Takrouna

Takrouna is small berber village located at some 100ish km south of Tunis in the Sahel region. “The town’s name is thought to have originated from a tribe which immigrated to Andalusia in the 8th century. Following the expulsion of […]

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Tunis from the rooftops of the Medina

From the rooftops of the Medina, you can have an interesting view of both the medieval and the modern Tunis. Share This:

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