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Zriba Olia is another of those abandoned berber villages. This one is hidden on a small mountain near Zaghouan (70km south of Tunis) . Not much to say except if you’re fan of Collapsed old houses, invasive nature, breathtaking view, […]

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The Abandoned Berber Village of Takrouna

Takrouna is small berber village located at some 100ish km south of Tunis in the Sahel region. “The town’s name is thought to have originated from a tribe which immigrated to Andalusia in the 8th century. Following the expulsion of […]

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Abandoned Asylum in Tunis

This place used to be an Asylum in downtown Tunis ¬†then was abandoned for obviously long years. Walking in the corridors feels like being in some horror movie Silent Hill style.   Share This:

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Ruins of the Medina

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